Weekend E.A.T. – For the Love of Chocolate

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In Bangalore, there is a dessert shop with a signature dish – DBC. Death by Chocolate. My cousins introduced it to me me when I was younger and life has never been the same.

I don’t actually know if it’s possible to die from chocolate, but I think I came pretty close this weekend. Nomming through the Ghirardelli Chocolate Festival and a chocolate chip cookie pop-up (yes, this is real) this past weekend is a feat that can only be accomplished with a ridiculously high tolerance for sugar.

Luckily, I’m your gal for that.

It was fun, if nearly coma-inducing, to experience so much chocolate through the means of a large, touristy event and a small, locals-only one. It goes to show that ultimately, we’re all here to eat and we can unite and rejoice in this simple affair.

I’m just tryna get fed.

Chocolate vodka and chocolate wine at the festival – interesting, but I think I prefer regular alcohol 😛

Late lunch at the famous Tony’s Pizza Napoletana in North Beach to overcome the sweetness of all the chocolate we ate. The wait at the restaurant can be long, so it’s easier to order slices to-go and enjoy them at Washington Square Park nearby.

2013-09-15 13.08.57

Chronicle Books released a chocolate chip cookie cookbook and celebrated by popping up at local favorite Dandelion Chocolate. Of course, I had to get 8 cookies.

2013-09-15 16.05.43

Bi-Rite, you never fail me.

Best watch out, these tomatoes be lurkin’

Bocadillos y Adios: Ecuador Essential Eats Part 5

Food market at Otavalo; quail eggs and juices are on the breakfast menu this morning.

Various types of juice; pepinos dulces, or sweet cucumbers, jello!

In the life of a twenty-something, it’s easy, and oftentimes preferred, to spend our hard barely-earned money on immediate needs – a good meal (my friends know I do this way too much), a good drink (hay, whiskey), and a good night on the town.

While I love all this, I actively try to spend on what I normally am unable to experience. That means travel.

Travel necessitates us to put ourselves in another’s shoes. It is a privilege and sometimes a curse, but ultimately it is a fresh perspective. Ecuador gave me each of things in small, bocadillo-sized portions. Nowhere else would I be able to eat three different types of passionfruit, munch on yucca chips instead of potato chips, and sample guinea pig.

I encourage all of you to strap on your walking shoes and get moving to experience some place new whenever and wherever you can. Even if you become fearful, annoyed, or sick (also known as the guinea pig incident), it’s all worth it. Enjoy these last noms from el mitad del mundo and have a wonderful weekend of food!

The guinea pig incident….the shark made me do it!

Ama la vida y baila cada día.

Sorry SF, this is a real rooftop garden.

A snack of plantain with some sort of cheese inside

¡Cuy! For guinea pigs, they’re pretty big 😛

Yucca chips and melcocha, an Ecuadorian taffy candy made by handpulling the sugar against tree branches.