I’m having some trouble finding a focus with this space. In the past, I’ve written about food (mostly desserts), and added recipes as I adapt and modify to suit my sweet tooth. While I’ve enjoyed that, I feel that here, now, I’ve grown a bit, and there is more to me than was before. Working life, discovering shoes, breathing in the outdoors, attempting to be flexible at yoga, these are all different but important parts of who I am. And I wish to be open about all that here as well.

But, at the end of the day, I have first and foremost always been about food. To me, food is such a defining feature in my life. All the restaurants I eat at, recipes I cook, cakes I force upon my friends, it is all for a purpose – to come together, to share, and to love, love the fact that ultimately, we are all hungry, and we all want to eat something delicious.

So I’ll try to stick to that here – Delicious food and food adventures that I have. My life, you will see, really does revolve around food, and so expect snippets of food+gym, food+yoga, food+work, food+shoes, food+family. It’s all important, it all matters. It all comes back to the basics of me wanting to eat and wanting to share that with you.

Nom with me.


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