Brb, buying stinky cheese.

Retail and restaurants are very similar: Odd hours, weekend work, customers day in and day out, and less-than-ideal pay. However, the sweat and tears we put into finishing up dinner service on Saturday night at 2 a.m. justified themselves by the free and delicious food that all of us cooks made for each other. I had all the latest and greatest produce at my fingertips, and no matter what was happening, I was never hungry.

Fast forward to retail life where I struggle to run to Starbucks to get my caffeine fix/pumpkin spice latte coffee before anyone catches I’m gone, and there is seldom time to eat, let alone buy groceries and cook a full meal. My spare time is spent sleeping or searching for a work-life balance, and food becomes an unhealthy afterthought. So on a day like today, where I am off of work and can enjoy a final hurrah before the upcoming 6 weeks of hell holidays wreak havoc, I dragged my sickly self out of bed and cancelled all plans: “Brb, buying stinky cheese.” Once again, I have the latest and greatest within my grasp.

Some snapshots of the Ferry Building market follow. I love the vibrant colours of the vegetables and fruits!

Persimmons! I wait for these to come into season. I’ve already eaten one with ice cream. No shame.

Cosmetically-challenged giant avocado. Still delicious, although this may take a couple days to finish.

The most rewarding purchase: Miniature butternut squashes that, a couple hours later, transformed into spicy soup with nutmeg and dried red chillies. 

As I finished off the night running through the rain to eat gelato before the shop closed, I am thankful for small pockets of time like these, pockets that allow me to dig in and remember that even in the darkest (or blackest, I should say, given the impending mayhem) of times, I can create happiness as long as I want it.

“There is gelato in the Holy Land.”


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