When in Doubt, Go To a Speakeasy

Decompression is the name of the game this week. That and a few rounds of rum gin wine…you get the picture.


The world moves incredibly fast (odd, because this week felt like it would never fucking end). But it’s true – work begins and ends (hopefully), friends visit and leave, and restaurants open and close.  All of these lend themselves to a chronic case of FOMO, which wreaks havoc on my sleep cycle, but satiates my appetite for new friends (in the form of co-workers), new alcohol (in the form of this gorgeous girly cocktail you see in this post), and new food.

Enter Capo’s, a Chicago-style pizza place newly opened in North Beach; Jason B. gives a hilarious yet accurate review of it on Yelp here. It’s the sort of place the mafia would hang out at after taking care of business. And it is cash-only (of course). Maroon-coloured booths, old Italian art, and pizza rule. In fact, the pizza rules so much that I received a call two hours before my reservation saying that we had to pre-order our pizza or risk there being none left by the time I came in for dinner.


My choice, a delicious albeit frantic one, was the Frank Nitti pizza – deep dish, tomato sauce, ricotta, and spinach. It came with a starter of chicken soup, a nice surprise, and a good idea on the restaurant’s part because the pizza takes 35 minutes to make, and by the time of our 9 p.m. reservation, my friend and I were starving.

The pizza, like the restaurant, is no joke. It’s gigantic, and one slice is more than enough. The only reason I made it to dessert was because it was a whiskey apple crisp, and I can’t say no to whiskey. #noregrets


I am overjoyed to see this week end, yet thankful to have lived through it as best I could. As this city continues its obsession with the timelessness of yesteryear, I continue to release the self-induced pressures of being too young for these thoughts with girly speakeasy cocktails, deep dish pizza, and a new dessert.

Thank God It’s Friday.


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