Lessons from Ghostface Killah

Second sighting of this R.W. Who is this mysterious inscriber of fuzzy feelings?

From ghost-riding the whip (hyphy ain’t dead) to ghost-sighting at haunted houses (okay, maybe it was just a stray dog), I’ve had my fair share of the other-worldly. After this weekend, I am proud to say that I can now add two more things to my paranormal list.

Last Thursday, I saw Ghostface Killah live, and I walked out learning that (1) he is a solid performer, and (2) he can do whatever the fuck he wants, including peacing out for thirty minutes with a simple, “I gotta bounce.” That’s swag. Now, if I only had a better Wu-Tang name…

Protect ya Earth.

One of the classic WTC songs is “Protect Ya Neck.” I love this song because is no hook, no chorus, just dope rhyming and straight up speaking your mind. Each member exudes his personality with a verse, letting the world know who they are and having fun with it. It’s a trait that I am still working on in myself and I glean from the ambitious friends I have and the tasty adventures I embark on.


Excited to eat!

Tasty adventure #1: Dinner at Dosa. I’ve been here many times and it never gets old, and I’m sure I don’t need to tell you twice to order the dosa.

Clockwise from top left: Idli fries with chutney; jalapeno-garlic dosa; rava masala (semolina wheat) dosa; citrus sorbet

Tasty adventure #2: The IACP Culinary Expo in Potrero Hill. With entrepreneurs putting themselves out there vis à vis food, drink, and books, the event had all the fix-ins of creativity and passion. It also brought me my newest ghosting lesson with this hot sauce that I’m pretty sure is from another dimension. One lick off the end of a toothpick had me crying from the spiciness, reinforcing that ghost peppers are indeed the hottest peppers in the world and I do not possess enough swag to handle it….yet.

L to R: Baby kiwis! Almost too cute to eat; real ginger ale – no samples though; thousand layer cake that apparently takes hours to bake; That Indian Drink, for That Indian Girl.

Clockwise from top left: Yogurt with locally grown walnuts; root vegetable chips; Guittard chocolate chunks; so much cheese!


Death in a jar. I turned into a ghost for a split second after trying this.

There has been a lack of recipes here lately, so that’ll be next up. Also, I’m toying with the idea of adding in an extra post per week. Suggestions and advice are welcome – it’ll definitely give me a chance to  do more of what I love most and share it with you!

For crying out loud, my style is wild, so book me.


2 thoughts on “Lessons from Ghostface Killah

  1. Thanks Shikha for choosing Dosa as the place to dine that night, the food was great and the company greater, God Bless!!

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