Let’s Go Let’s Go Get Lucky

Why do work when you can drink mimosas?

 I know what you’re thinking: This girl has no idea how the greatest dance song of 2013 goes. But stay with me.

Every morning for the past week, I have woken up with either this or this song stuck in my head. By yesterday, they had melded together to create a mashup worthy of Bootie SF (almost) and a perfect soundtrack to guide me through the insanely beautiful weather this city has been experiencing. I don’t know what’s going on, but clearly, we are getting pretty damn lucky.

Orange blossom pistachio on the left, hazelnut on the right. Someone needs to have an intervention for me soon. I’m serious.

An impromptu trip to Berkeley this past weekend for “Earth Day” celebrations made me wish that I were in college again. Those were the days where I wouldn’t have to go to class and could instead chill on the Glade, slinging a frisbee or simply listening to aforementioned tunes. That campus and that town is a place full of academia and nostalgia, and each time I visit, I am once again reminded of how time flies and how much I’ve changed.

Two years ago, I would never have thought I would be doing what I do today. It makes me question whether I’ve chosen the right path and postulate over where that path will lead me. It also makes me slap myself upside the head for thinking that I can handle as much alcohol as I used to….those were the glory days.

Soooo much deliciousness on my plate

I detoxed from my faux-fasho-college shenanigans with some super-heathy-super-delicious skillet polenta with black bean salsa. Find the recipe here; substitute 1/4 cup polenta for the quinoa and double the jalapeño ‘cus you know you want that heat to match the temperature outside.

The cuteness that is B. Patisserie (L to R): Tree art of macarons; croissants; big variety of cake to try

I also paid a visit to B. Patisserie in the neighborhood. An alum of Gary Danko, the pastry chef can churn out some delicious desserts ranging from kougin amann to my choice – yogurt panna cotta with citrus and walnuts. Pristine and elegant in a verrine glass, it was the perfect pick-me-up before I picked myself down with a nap in the park. Hey, I never said a detox wouldn’t involve sugar, but #lezbereal, I can never resist anything sweet, figuratively and literally.

(L to R): Obsessed with the packaging for the panna cotta, such a smart way to take desserts to go; thug lifin’ it with my dessert; 5 steps away from ptfo-ing in the park, amidst tourists and puppies

Whatever my path is, I can be sure of one thing – for most of my life, I’ve listened to my instincts. And while sometimes I’m wrong, sometimes, I’m right. So let’s go, soak up the sun and who knows, maybe I’ll get lucky.

We’re up all night.

Found this in a local shop – the little things, I tell ya.


3 thoughts on “Let’s Go Let’s Go Get Lucky

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