The Weekend E.A.T. – Shucking and Swinging

Chocolate caramel toffee mousse from B. Patisserie – let the drooling commence.

Ahoye June! The year is nearly halfway complete – how quickly is time flying right now? In two weeks, I’ll be running 13.1 miles; in three, I’ll be getting my tan on (#butnotreallytho) in Tahoe; in six, I’ll be another year older; and in twelve, I’ll be out of this country. Seal (wattup Space Jam) said it best: Time keeps on slippin’ slippin’ slippin’

As we move into the second phase of 2013, I take pride in knowing that I am on my way to more food, friends, and new experiences. It won’t always be a smooth process, but I’m not wont to thrive in an environment of perfection. In fact, I usually always end up watermarking it somehow, leaving it slightly blemished with my personal touch. It’s not ugly, but it’s not flawless, and most of the time, that’s just fine.

I like to demolish pretty things.

L to R: Scallop carpaccio with cucumbers, purslane and grapefruit (Loved the scallops, but the grapefruit was bitter); Veggie miso ramen with mushrooms, egg, fava puree, pickled fiddlehead ferns, and mizuna (need moar now)

If you ever doubt for one second how much I love ramen, please keep this anecdote in mind of how I drove across the bridge and braved my sickly feverishness to get some…noodles. Ramen Shop in Oakland is easily one of the best bowls of brothy goodness I’ve ever had with a refreshingly enthusiastic and polite staff to match. U don’t have to call, cus Imma be alright tonight with this.

Recently Updated1

The 14th Annual Guinness Oyster & Music Festival went down in Golden Gate Park. Although I wasn’t a fan of the Dodgers blanket I lounged on (#beatLA), the horseradish-laden shucklers were delicious, if a bit overpriced. The winner though? Guinness ice cream float with honey ice cream and tawny port.

On mah oyster fest date with Zoe! Dresses + sunglasses + ice cream = happiness.


What else is there to do on Sunday than learn swing dancing? After mastering the Mashed Potato (best watch out at the club this weekend), I had my final sweet surge at a Mission favorite, Craftsman & Wolves. Its rotating seasonal desserts and punch of strong espresso keeps me chatty and bright-eyed enough to deliver this to you 🙂

Almond, raspberry, strawberries, cream, love.


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