Follow Your Nose, It Always Knows: Reviewing Chambers Eat+Drink


As a kid, I was convinced that the blue Froot Loops were the most coveted and delicious of them all. With each sugary bowl, I meticulously ate all the other loops and saved the blue ones for last, enchanted by the cyan milk. Although there was little no basis for this morning routine other than the fact that I liked the color blue, somehow, somehow, I knew that I was onto something.

I felt the same way when I went on a homie date (yes, this is a thing) at Chambers Eat+Drink, a hidden gem in da TL, as I like to call it. Situated in the Phoenix Hotel, it exudes a parallel rock-and-roll vibe. Random/bad-ass knickknacks decorate the space, and even though it was dead on a Tuesday night, there was a subtle energy calling me to come back on a weekend.


The menu follows no specific cuisine, preferring instead to do what it wants, as rock and roll often does; but it was no culinary bedlam. Each dish delivered, so much that we ordered more than we set out to do.

Smoked grits fries: Grits is on my long list of foods I love. Call it Southern roots, but I loved these brick-shaped appetizers, and the barbecue spice kick made them worth ordering a second round.

Sorry that this photo is blurry – I was too excited to eat these.

Truffle ricotta: While I still think the pickled veggie crown belongs to this restaurant, I can’t say no to a fat hunk of cheese. I just can’t.

Yukon gold potato gratin: We opted for multiple small dishes instead of entrees and it served us well. There was a definite heat from the Szechuan chili sauce, and with corn sweeping into season, this dish came together nicely.


Fruit Loops: Normally, I don’t eat at a restaurant that doesn’t post its dessert menu online. To me, that means (a) it doesn’t serve desserts, a travesty in itself; or (b) it doesn’t think highly enough of its sweets to market them on the interwebz. But when we saw this cereal-themed wonder, we knew we had to follow our noses and our stomachs and check it out.

Give me moarrrr

Good thing we did, because this dessert turns up. Layers of almond sponge cake, pomegranate gelee, foam (another thing I usually hate, but again, following my nose here), and ice cream in a spoonful tasted exactly, exactly, like childhood breakfast. I am astounded and grateful to the chef who perfected this flavor combination, because Chambers is definitely onto something.

Save the best for last.


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