The Weekend E.A.T. – Pride On


If there ever were an era to demonstrate the powerful ethereal diversity of San Francisco, this was it.

It’s been a historic past few days. Beginning with the strike-down of DOMA, people of all different genders, colors, and sexualities have lit up the city like never before. Such energy is unparalleled, and it makes me so proud to call myself a resident of this great place and to be present at a time of such monumental change. Fifty years from now, textbooks will be writing about the flying rainbows and the boundless smiles captured in this millennial zeitgeist.

History being made at Dolores Park, and being loud and proud with my bestie – friends since freshman year of college!

Happiness had no borders with the weather and the food this weekend either. With the mercury topping 80 degrees (unheard of in this foggy hood), rooftop bars, pitchers of celebration, and neighborhood pop-ups ruled. So let the energy unleash, because the summer of love never rang so true.

Stayin’ fly under rainbow skies.

Goin’ up

Oh hay SF

Starting the weekend strong at one of the city’s few rooftop bars. While normally I wouldn’t dare venture outside into the cloudy depths of the San Francisco night, El Techo de Lolinda does patio drinking right, and when the sun doesn’t set until 9pm, there is no place else I’d rather be.

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Excellent guacamole, tangy ceviche, and reasonably priced margaritas (I’ll have a pitcher to myself, thank you very much) complemented the breezy evening nicely. Although packed, the line to get inside moves quickly. The waitstaff is picky about adding people to your table, so make sure to befriend them early on so they can let in your later additions by radioing them in, VIP-style.


Boogaloos, a frequent member of the “best brunch” list, popped up in Upper Haight this past weekend to give us neighborhood kids a taste of their desayuno.  I love pop-ups because they encourage exploration of new places and foods that I would normally not think of visiting. They represent a camaraderie in the food business, as one restaurant shares their kitchen with another in the name of activating new customers with new palates.

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If you’re in in a post-tequila state of mind like I was, the huevos rancheros and biscuits with (vegetarian!) gravy were fit to cure any hangover, although their bottomless mimosas activate the shampoo effect. Calm it down with some coffee from Flywheel Coffee Roasters, another neighborhood joint, and then get thee to Dolores Park for Pride festivities stat.

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