24, Lezgo!

Cupcake assortment from Susie Cakes in the Marina, courtesy of my lovely co-worker

First off, THANK YOU ALL for the amazing birthday wishes, smiles, and treats. Even while awkwardly at the center of attention, it was extremely heart-warming to feel the love from all around the world. It was even more exciting to hear and read all the positive comments about this blog! What began as a small side project is coming to fruition more and more each day, and I owe it all to readers and food lovers like you.

24 is apparently also the year to be picky. #sorryimnotsorry



In true Shikhalamode form, I spent the first day my new year eating an assortment of sweet thangs that resulted in a food coma and mile-high sugar rush. From office-made coffee ice cream floats to free slurpees spiked with cake-flavored vodka to beautiful desserts from this restaurant, it’s safe to say that I effectively spanned the entire spectrum of culinary class in a 24-hour period. Call it #yolo; I call it #adayinthelife.

Mango-lemonade slurpee + iced cake vodka = creamsicle-tasting snack. Odd, yet satisfying.

Here’s to the not-so-big twenty four. I’m one year away from a quarter-life crisis (so I hear), so this year, I plan on pushing the boundaries of my pastry power, expanding this blog’s bite-sized reach, rampaging this city (and maybe the next one?!), and exploring myself. As my talented sister and friend made me realize – this is the year where I stop taking breaks, either from the people I love or the passions I pursue. T-Sweezy, you may be feeling 22, but I’m feeling 24 and that’s just fine.

I can haz?

I still haven’t gotten my cheesecake, though.

Menus at Perbacco restaurant. I usually go for Bulleit rye, but I gave the Bulleit bourbon cocktail a whirl. It’s sweeter, but has a ginger kick which balances it out nicely. The lighting wasn’t good enough to photograph the meal, so I shared a few dim snaps of the desserts below.

Clockwise from top left: Espresso to end the night; chamomile panna cotta with toffee and apricots – the apricots were too syrupy for me, but the panna cotta was excellent with just barely enough gelatin to twerk beautifully on the plate (yes, I used twerk to describe a dessert); complimentary brutto ma buoni (ugly but good) cookies, Perbacco’s signature; torn ricotta cake with berries, pistachios, and whey gelato, an easy summertime favorite

New cookbook! I know nothing, I mean nothing, about cooking fish, so wish me luck!


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