The Weekend E.A.T. – Nothing Better

2013-07-26 19.17.43

It was another successful summer weekend full of throwbacks. As I spent some time back home, I took a little jog (literally) down memory lane and revisited the meals and music that made up my formative years.

Sawyer Trail in San Mateo, right by my mom’s house. I would run here all the time on the weekends, and the air is super fresh and clean

Reigniting the past is always a bittersweet process. While it’s exciting to see how far we’ve come, there is a twang of sadness of what’s been left behind, whether it’s a favorite restaurant, a city that used to be home, or the angst-filled lyrics from a band we love.

L to R: Beet salad with oranges and goat cheese; wedge salad with blue cheese, bacon, and tomatoes. Both were surprisingly filling entrees!

In the end, it’s the past that keeps us grounded in our present and our future. True, there might be nothing better than a fluffy pretzel and shouting “Such Great Heights” word-for-word (I can’t believe I still know it by heart after all these years!), but I get to keep those experiences close to me as the journey continues.

They will see us waving.

2013-07-26 19.03.26

Freehouse is a fairly new addition to Berkeley, taking over the old Adagia space on College and Bancroft. It’s quickly become a local favorite, with solid food and beer and a haven for out-of-towners, concert-goers, and alumni, aka me.

2013-07-26 19.17.16

I first ate this pretzel two years ago on a date (yea, I’m pretty classy), and I was stoked to see that it was still on the menu. The mustard is for condiment-lovers everywhere, and that cheddar-pilsner sauce – oh man. Cheese + beer = happiness.

2013-07-26 19.47.38

Why have fries with ketchup when you can have them with dips of smoked tomato sauce, wasabi, and aioli? Smother the fries with all three at the same time and you’ve got yourself a winner.

2013-07-26 22.29.58

Such a nostalgic performance from the Postal Service; I felt like I was back in high school lamenting about my oh-so-important life issues and writing in my Xanga. Even so, everything they sing about is still relevant today, making the songs all the more timeless and exciting to be a part of.


One thought on “The Weekend E.A.T. – Nothing Better

  1. you got to know where you came from to know where you are going and to translate it to food, you got to know the smells and the flavors of what you grew up with to appreciate new ones

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