The Weekend E.AT. – An SF Cook at SF Chefs

Tented up in Union Square with hundreds of vendors and SF-themed cakes

Every year, SF Chefs takes over Union Square to serve up the best of the city and raise money for local food-related charities. This year was no different, and the downtown plaza brought on a massive collision of chefs, cooks, cuisines, and me.

Ever since I was induced into a food coma at this restaurant, I’ve been wanting to go back. With SF Chefs, I had the opportunity to return as a stage, working for food instead of dollar bills and setting foot in a professional kitchen after two years. Apron-clad with my old kitchen kicks on, I revisited the old life for two nights and remembered why I loved this industry so much…and how much cooks can drink.

Slicing up housemade bread rolls for sliders; please ignore my grimy sneakers

If you were ever wondering how 1000 bread rolls looks like, there you go. I’ve never been so proud of rolling balls.

Our contribution to this culinary evening was smoked beef brisket sliders with aioli, pickled relish, and house-made rolls. Even though I don’t eat beef, prepping, cooking, and serving food in an actual restaurant setting is chance to learn something new no matter what it is. I may forever have the aroma of meaty smoke seeped into my hair and the jalapeno heat seared into my palms (note to self: wear gloves next time), but it is always worth it, reinforcing that I can’t stay away from the kitchen for too long.

Doin’ it.

Clockwise from top left: Tequila-cantalope shaved ice; caramelized white chocolate with cocoa nibs, raspberries, and fennel; chocolate-caramel cupcakes; whiskey fudge. Let me repeat that – WHISKEY. Fudge.

Red curry crab risotto from Kuleto’s – spicy and delicious!

Our very own sliders!

Hamachi with plums

Macking on some macarons. I’m usually not a big fan of these but the jasmine tea flavored one was pretty damn good

Caneles from La Boulange, an SF staple. The caramelized outside and moist inside makes for a perfect pastry.


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