The Weekend E.A.T. – Outside Lands

One of my favorite acts from the weekend – Matt and Kim! So much energy on stage, it was unbelievable.

I tried to get back to the Monday grind, I really did.

But all I can think about is sitting on my friend’s shoulders having a meltdown while watching Paul McCartney singing “Blackbird.”

Apart from checking that historic performance off the life list, there were tons of musicians, North face jackets, and Bay Area foods to be had at the annual Outside Lands Festival.

As a first-time attendee, I was immediately wowed by all the local culinary pride. I’m used to sustaining myself with churros and frozen lemonades at other music festivals (ahem), so it was refreshing to see that this city cares enough to make sure that its artists, tourists, and residents eat well no matter what they’re doing.

There was no shortage of amazing food here that kept me warm throughout the 53-degree weather. Check out the highlights below!

What was your favorite food at OSL this year?

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The first stop each day was none other than Beer Lands. The monumental sign made for an easy meetup spot and a reason excuse to fill up. The hard cider by Strongbow kept me cozy as I grooved on the hill to Trombone Shorty.

2013-08-09 14.58.41

This Gilroy garlic mac and cheese from Homeroom is all I can think about today. Warm. Gooey. Need.

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Of course Ben & Jerry’s makes an appearance for a worthy cause – fair trade and free ice cream. I stayed cool to passionfruit-pineapple frozen yogurt.

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It’s easy to forget or not have time to eat at festivals when there are so many great artists to see and friends to find. At end of Day 1, the food stalls shut down and I was pretty hangry until we stumbled upon this tamale stall in the forest. Cheese and carnitas tamales saved the night – and healthy too!

Blog Photos2

Outside Lambs – I can’t get over this name! I hope you can figure out what the theme of this food haven was. The lamb paella was another delicious and healthy choice for a late lunch.


Because I was craving cheese (when am I not), we stopped at El Huarache Loco for its signature dish – a black bean-stuffed tortilla topped with nopales, vegetables, sour cream, and hot sauce.



Lands galore! I was too full for Choco Lands, but we did 5 tastings at Wine Lands to stay warm (always classy). Obviously this is was my favorite – mustache wine!


2 thoughts on “The Weekend E.A.T. – Outside Lands

  1. OMG THE HUARACHE. WANT. Actually, I want to learn how to make those because I need more stuffed tortillas in my life. This kind of reminded me of Jazzfest in terms of the food…all the vendors there are apparently carefully vetted and the food is all EXCELLENT. As everything here looks.

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