Fillmore Eats: Reviewing Roam Artisan Burger

The Sunny Side Burger, with a side of my sweet Photoshop skills

As I meander into the weekend, one of the pressing thoughts in the forefront of my mind is of course, where am I gonna eat? Since you’re probably wondering the same thing, let me help you out: Eat at Roam.

So many options!!

With two locations in the city, the second one standing ground in Pac Heights, Roam is a solid meal any time of the day or night (well, maybe not breakfast, but it’s not open that early). It goes along with the recent trend of build-your-own meals – in this case, burgers.

Step 1: Choose your patty. I obviously got the veggie, but there is an elk option if you’re feeling adventurous or from Alaska.

We split the Market Veggies salad, in an attempt to be healthy.

Step 2: Choose your style.  You can also create your own, but why go through the trouble when there are 8 options that deliciously combine vegetables, cheese, and sauces for you? On my first visit, I tried the Tejano, and the corn strips just about did me in. This time, I was in a bro-tein mood since I had just worked out, so I got the Sunny Side, which comes with an egg and sweet, sweet chili sauce. And because I have a strange addiction, a milkshake was a must. Dairy has protein, right?

Blue Bottle Coffee Milkshake – So SF and so delicious.

Although this is not a huge burger, it is very filling, especially if you decide to carb out and eat the entire bun, which is quite a lot of bread. That said, it is well made and lives up to its artisan name, all the way to the organic, free-range egg. This ain’t In-n-Out, that’s for sure.

Verdict: Roam is a great place to nom at with friends for a fast-casual meal, but it’s fancy enough to bring a date to. Disclaimer: If you bring me here on a date, be prepared to watch me inhale a coffee milkshake and probably not offer you any. Truth.

Gotta get my protein.

My lover’s veggie burger, classic style, with my hot sauce lurking in the back


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