Weekend E.A.T. – 1 Year in SF!

Well guys, it’s official – I’ve lived in San Francisco for one year!

Looking back on this past year, I can honestly say that it has been one of the most hectic and refreshing times I have had. Only in SF do we have a club devoted to mashups, dress for up for any and every occasion (Santacon, Bay to Breakers, Pride, I’m looking at all y’all), and gleefully eat ice cream in 53 degree weather.

Maple walnut frozen custard heaven from Lexie’s

Even though I’m somewhat of a native now (in the sense that I dance the Muni mambo with ease), I spent my Saturday and Sunday recreating my very first weekend here last year – a neighborhood brunch, flea market and ironically, a valiant but failed attempt to escape from SF (which by the way, you HAVE to try rapidamente – it’s cray!).

Folks often ask if and when I want to leave; after all, I did grow up in NorCal. But people come here from all over the world to taste a slice of the pie that I got to eat from the beginning. Countless ricanelas ice cream cones and Dolores Park days later, the novelty still hasn’t worn off, so Imma kick it here a little bit longer,

SF, I’m latching onto you.

Starting the weekend right with a young tech-enthused crowd at 620 Jones, a rooftop bar in Nob Hill. If it weren’t for the cash-only rule (seriously, we’re not in the Mission, guys), I’d come here way more often for those double-sauced fries and whiskey gingers.

Spinach, onion, and salmon omelet, CUSTOM-MADE what what


Bread and eggz, all I need on a Saturday morning

Anniversary brunch at da BJC, a solid Southern spot on Divisadero. Service is slow and the servers can be a little fresh, but for tradition’s sake, I have to come here for some hangover omelet action.

Recently Updated3


Hipstering it up


My faux-but-real lover for the weekend, the always fashionable Aimee!

Second stop on the anniversary train – the annual Alamo Square flea market! And who says you can’t eat frozen custard at noon? It’s maple-walnut, which is pretty much French-toast, which is pretty much breakfast. Keep an eye out, though – this treat is about to be the next frozen craze, I’m calling it.

Recently Updated4

Lazy Sunday doing blog work with some of these fluffy thangs. Stay tuned for the recipe!


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