When I was 13, I attempted to make a cheesecake and nearly destroyed the kitchen. Six years of restaurant stints, three food marketing projects, a summertime ice cream business, and copious amounts of butter, sugar, and flour later, cooking and eating has permanently seeped into my veins.

As luck would have it, I live in one of the greatest food cities in the world, and I plan on taking full advantage of that and sharing my adventures with you with recipes, reviews, and whatever else I can nom on.

If you’re ever in SF and want to find me, I’m usually eating Bi-Rite ricanelas ice cream in a cone, working out at the gym and pretending I don’t see you, pondering the necessity of a “Finding Nemo” sequel, or you know, eating. Basically, I’m doing a million things at once.

My favorite quote lifeline motto: Love is all you need.



3 thoughts on “About

  1. Hey Shikha, thanks for commenting on my blog so that I could discover your beautiful one! Girl, I loooooooove San Fran so much – I’ve visited 4 times and don’t plan on stopping. Next time I’m there, I’m messaging you so that we can meet up and EAT! I was just there in July and everyone told me I needed to try Bi-Rite ice cream. Unfortunately I didn’t make it 😦 I’m looking forward to following you on your cooking/eating adventures!

    • Thanks so much! DEFINITELY let me know and I will take you to Bi-Rite without fail. I live up the street, so it’s pretty dangerously delicious for me. Also, I wanted to update you that I’ve moved my blog over here: http://www.shikhalamode.com, so you can find more posts and subscribe there. Can’t wait to see more from you!

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