‘Cue the Food Coma: Reviewing Hi Lo BBQ

2013-07-24 20.06.15

As a pescatarian, I’m rarely thrilled about barbecue because I usually end up eating soggy potato salad and all the cornbread in the world. Carb-licious, but not worth it.

And then along came Hi Lo BBQ.

Lurking on the grimy diversely lived-in section of the Mission, this restaurant quietly opened 5 months ago and hasn’t stopped churning out great food since. I am lucky enough to know an old coworker from the cooking days there and proceeded to spend the night in yet another birthday dinner (this is the last one, I swear) and a 12-hour food coma. I just wish I were a little bit taller so that I could have eaten even more!

2013-07-24 19.59.18

2013-07-24 20.36.05

BBQ and beer go together like Nutella on waffles, so my Radner beertail (Dutch white beer + lemonade) was refreshing. The house-made pull-apart rolls with honey butter were so good that we ate two orders, not by choice but rather pure necessity.

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The chefs here distinguish themselves in creative plating. It’s not easy to make BBQ look pretty, but somehow, they do it. On Wednesdays, Hi Lo does an off-the-menu item called the Bangin’ Burger, and judging by the look on my friend’s face, it was aptly titled. Even with my diet, I had tons of options to choose from, including an entrée (!) of brassicas, farro, and egg. While egg can be a vegetarian cop-out (who doesn’t love eggs?), I had nothing to complain about.

Hi Lo also loves its mustard seeds; they showed up on two different dishes. They were very noticeable (in a good way) in the summer pickles, but were overshadowed by fresh dill in the potato salad. That said, I love dill, and this was one of the best potato salads I’ve ever had.

2013-07-24 21.51.57

No meal is complete without dessert, and naturally, I ordered both items. The first: s’more in a jar, which resembled a parfait and showed off some SF flair (we love Mason jars in this city). While delicious, I found this to be a too-safe dessert to have on the menu. Chocolate and marshmallow is always a hit pair and best saved for winter when there aren’t as many fruits in season.

2013-07-24 21.51.16

The second dessert epitomized summer: sliced peaches, corn cake, whipped cream and POPCORN. With the signature side plating, this was everything I want in a July meal on the town. Not too sweet with just the right amounts of everything, I hope this stays on the menu for when I visit next. And with this Texas-meets-NorCal joint, you best believe I will be.

I’m still full.

Chicharrones: Fried pork rinds so fresh that we could literally hear them crackle at the table.

Melon salad with grilled onions, levain, and a serrano pepper vinaigrette.

Keepin’ it Classic: Reviewing Delfina Pizzeria


As we gallop into the holiday weekend and celebrate our country’s independence, it seems only fitting that I bask in what constitutes classic America and classic San Francisco.

I can’t handle this.

The former is easy: Johnny Depp. The cover of this magazine and his new movie’s premise (essentially cowboys and Indians, what’s not to love?!) evokes the pioneering era of America’s past. And even though he has a dead crow on his head, JD strangely pulls it off, and as always, I remain strangely intrigued.


The latter takes shape in a quintessential San Francisco restaurant: Delfina Pizzeria. Adjacent to the restaurant on the culinary block of the Mission, you aren’t a true resident or even a tourist without visiting here at least once. Burrata, while not the best in the city (that honor belongs to this resto), is still a solid appetizer, and their pizzas are of course, the star.



Being a shellfish person (and apparently a punny one), I opted for their clam pie. Sans cheese, this pizza is a great meal that makes for a not-too-heavy evening dinner. Clams, like most mollusks, are salty, so if that’s not your thing than I would recommend their classic Margherita or any of their seasonal offerings; I believe they are currently serving a broccoli raab pizza – yum!

When the weather is nice, take advantage and sit outside; the tables are small, but then again, we’re all here to eat aren’t we?

I hope everyone has a fantastic July 4th flanked with red, white, blue and sugar. I’ll be back next week with a new recipe for you!